11 reasons to work with a business coach

The role of a business coach is helping you… guidance, support, accountability, encouragement and much more….

Here are 11 reasons why you need one…

 1.Focus Focus Focus. Having some ring-fenced time with someone who’s sole focus is you. Helping look at problems and giving you tasks to implement.

2.Comfort Zone. “It’s the way we have always done it” really…. Sometimes you need to step outside your comfort zone. A good business coach will challenge you to do just that.

3.Accountability Can make the world of difference in what you do with your time and resources.

4.Make more money

5.Connections Coaches are often well connected and are good at joining people up.

6.Accomplish Goals

7.Safe Place Where you can air new ideas and passing thoughts. A coach does not judge you.

8.Unbiased feedback

9. You’ll learn how to make your ideas a reality.

10.New tools A coach often has a set of tools they will provide you with over time. Supporting you to be more efficient and effective

11.Confidence When preparing for those difficult situations, being confident is 90% of the problem solved.

How much does it cost for a business coach? Coaching normally comes as a package of sessions. Six sessions are a good number to get you started. The prices vary. Find someone you feel comfortable with.

What happens during the sessions. The sessions will take you from where you are now to where you want to be. Help clarify you vision, steps and how it fits with personal goals. Taking you the direct route, missing the potholes!

Still hesitating? Your limiting belief system kicked in? Self talk?

Ask yourself… Can you afford not to? Why take the longer route when you could skip a few detours!

Chapter3 is always happy to chat to you further about business coaching. Drop us an email mailto:info@chapter3.org.uk

Our packages start from £600 through to £2000