goal 6

  1. Keep Your Profile Updated.
  2. Only Use Professional Photos
  3. Your headline is what everyone sees make sure you get it right
  4. Completeyour experience. Does not need to be long. You can copy and paste from you CV
  5. Brand Your Profile With a Background Photo. Be different.
  6. Write really good summary. Give it some personality. Include key words and the “Why” you do what you do.
  7. Avoid spelling mistakes
  8. Research Keywords and use them
  9. Personalize Your LinkedIn Profile URL and use it on your email, business cards etc
  10. Add New Sections to Your Profile eg volunteering
  11. Connect With People You Don’t Yet Know
  12. Always Personalize Invitations to Connect
  13. Publish Interesting Posts, and don’t forget to use visual media.
  14. Find and Join Groups
  15. Remember Where and When You Met people. You Can Add Notes that only you can see
  16. Build Business Relationships, start slowly by liking their posts
  17. Always remain Professional and Positive
  18. Ask for Recommendations
  19. Make sure you do some final checks:
  20. Check your profile strength, see what else you can do to improve the look and feel of your profile.

Make sure you stand out.

Have you said/shown what you can do?

Have you included your USP

Ask a friend to read it for you and accept the feedback as a gift!

Hope this has helped you