Do you see yourself as a social entrepreneur?

Supporting people in the community must be what inspires you if you choose this route. As a Director of a Social Enterprise the benefits are similar to setting up any other kind of business.

It offers you flexibility in your life, your working hours and where you work.

It also gives you;

  • greater choice;
  • more control;
  • freedom;
  • security; and
  • a great sense of satisfaction in contributing to the community and the economy.

In addition to those, if you have a strong sense of wanting to give back communities this is one way to achieve your passion.

This relaxed and informal introductory session covers:

  • the differences between a social enterprise and other types of business;
  • how to spot opportunities and develop your ideas;
  • where you might find funding; and
  • the skills, knowledge and experience you need to make it successful.

At this informal session where you will meet and have the opportunity to talk to other budding social entrepreneurs.

Want to set up a business that helps your community and has social aims and objectives.

Come along and learn how to register click here

“An interesting and interactive workshop, helped me plan the next steps” Mike Leeds

Half day workshop
When: 19th September  from 13:30 to 16:30
or  27th September from 10:00 to 13:00

Cost: Free